Some people have it all: a positive attitude, a willingness to share ideas, and a passion for working hard. These types of individuals are known as the can-do individuals who inspire others to reach their full potential. They are also able to convince themselves that they are an asset to their company. 

Unfortunately, many employees are not able to reach their full potential due to their lack of confidence. This is because they often feel like they are not capable of sharing their ideas and working hard. Having confidence is as much a skill as an outlook.

Don’t Focus On Being Perfect
According to author and entrepreneur Helene Lerner, high-performing individuals tend to pressure themselves to reach unrealistic goals. When they fail to achieve them, they often feel like they are not capable of working hard enough.

Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. If you have a project that you are not able to finish due to a lack of effort, ask yourself if you gave it all. Knowing that you can’t do everything perfectly will help you accept that you are human.

Micromanaging Concerns
In most cases, people are not doing anything wrong. According to the author and entrepreneur Helene Lerner, fear is usually underneath the control of behavior. Being micromanaged can make people feel like they are not good enough. It’s very common for the boss to tell you how to finish a task.

If you’re genuinely confident, no one will tear you down. A good boss will not only show you how far you have come but will also remind you of where you want to go.

Don’t Be Scared To Fail
Fear can also prevent people from fully realizing their potential. For instance, it can prevent an employee from being able to speak up in meetings, or it can make them feel like they are not contributing to the company. According to author and entrepreneur Heather Monahan, people tend to emulate their boss instead of learning how to own their unique characteristics.

Despite your desire to get it right in your career, your fear of failure shouldn’t prevent you from trying something new. According to entrepreneur and author Helene Lerner, you can learn from your mistakes and not truly fail if you have experiences that have made you realize how far you have come.

Focus On Building Your Confidence
According to author and entrepreneur Heather Monahan, you should avoid using self-deprecating humor. It can hurt your confidence and send a message that you’re not relevant to the world. Also, if you’re presenting yourself as innocent, it can make others believe that you’re not capable of handling situations.

Instead of downplaying your contributions or intelligence, try to present your ideas and actions in a way that doesn’t make you look like a failure. For instance, instead of trying to land a joke, try to think of a way that an admired colleague would be like without any qualifications or self-deprecation.