Books are a fundamental resource for continuous personal and professional growth. It expands your technical knowledge and allows you to approach problems creatively. That being said, not all books are created equal. Some contain more wisdom and insight, while others contain information that tends to be recycled and overused. To help guide your efforts, here are the top four books recommended for business-minded readers: 

The Intelligent Investor

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham was originally published in 1949. Seven decades later, it remains one of the most relevant books for investors, both for novices and experts. The book offers realistic recommendations for both independent and institutional investors looking to accumulate and grow their wealth. Rather than provide get-rich-quick tips, The Intelligent Investor encourages you to create practical objectives and build on victories of all sizes. 

The Personal MBA

If you don’t have the resources to pursue traditional business schooling, you can treat The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman as a crash course. It outlines basic business principles for entrepreneurs and professionals at any stage of their career. The book covers important topics, including marketing, sales, strategy, and even the art of negotiating.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

A book by New York Times bestselling author David Allen, Getting Things Done, talks about ways to transform the way you work through de-stressing techniques and improved organization. While it doesn’t dive into technical business concepts and focuses more on personal growth, Getting Things Done can help you become a better entrepreneur by making you more productive.

Lean In

Published in 2013, Lean In encouraged worldwide conversation about the experiences of women entrepreneurs. The book empowers women to be bold and courageous at work in order to create a better future for themselves and their fellow businesswomen. Lean In gives you actionable advice, including allowing yourself to feel all emotions and moving on to your initial objectives, and finding balance and equality within your personal and professional lives. 

If you are looking for some books to consume this year, start with the four titles aforementioned in the article. In one or more ways, they can help you become a better entrepreneur through more effective decision-making skills, productivity, creativity, and more.