Going from an idea on your notepad to a full-blown business can be quite the leap. From legally declaring your business to selling your first product, each step of the process can be a daunting experience that can overwhelm even the most driven entrepreneurs. Here are four tips on how to get your new business off the ground: 

Erase Any Self-Doubt

Your idea will be questioned by investors, customers, and other market players. Even the slightest hint of self-doubt can affect your business. After all, if you don’t even fully believe in your business, why should customers or employees do? Believe in your idea and be 100% confident that it will work. Anytime there is a seemingly insurmountable challenge, such as bad customer feedback or manufacturing kinks, you don’t get flustered and can continue to operate at a high level. 

Know Your Limitations 

While self-confidence is an important trait, especially for entrepreneurs trying to get a new startup off the ground, you must also be self-aware enough to know your limitations. This applies to both your technical skills and financial wherewithal. Only once you’ve given a thorough and unbiased look at what your business needs can you actually start to work towards building it. 

Validate Your Prospective Business

Before you invest money, time, and energy into building a business, you want to make sure the idea has legs. Gather perspectives from both fellow entrepreneurs and target customers. See if they react positively to the product/service and if it actually fills a need. Building a business that doesn’t serve a market may be a great learning experience, but it also consumes a lot of resources that most entrepreneurs can’t spare. 

Make a Plan 

It’s overused but also worth repeating. Having a plan that is all-encompassing and highly detailed can help you grow your business consistently and ensures that every available resource is spent on growth-yielding decisions, whether it’s bringing in a product manager or buying industrial-grade equipment. 

Getting your new business off the ground is not a race but rather a marathon. Be patient and use each day to build your business brick by brick.