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About Legendary Marketer

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking some guidance and education on your journey to success, look no further than Legendary Marketer and its CEO, Dave Sharpe. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, but operating globally, Legendary Marketer was founded to help online businesses grow and thrive.

Legendary Marketer uses cutting-edge marketing strategies to succeed in its mission. Once a new piece of tech or information has been incorporated into its structure, Legendary Marketer uses it to help people learn the skills necessary for running a business. Moreover, the company wants to help these businesses grow even when faced with uncertainty or high levels of competition.

To achieve this goal, Legendary Marketer offers several different courses and programs to help entrepreneurs get a solid foundation. These courses include a 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge, a Traffic University course, an Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint course, and more. Each lesson is customized to fit specific needs and goals and will offer different views on how to run, market, or design your business. For a more intense level of education, you can work directly with Dave Sharpe in a private client coaching program that offers 12 months of total immersion in the Legendary Marketer program. 

Legendary Marketer is led by David Sharpe, Founder and CEO. A multitalented entrepreneur, Dave has nearly a decade of experience in the digital marketing sphere and has founded three successful multi-million dollar companies. His life as an entrepreneur began young, and even when the world tried to discourage his creative spirit, he kept working hard. In school, Sharpe was frequently punished for his unique way of thinking. 

Sharpe now believes that his treatment was a symptom of something else: the world trying to prepare him for the life of being an employee. Sharpe’s experiences with pressure and discouragement led him to a rough path, but he found a way out. Now, Dave Sharpe hopes to use his lessons to help others. He understands that what happened to him is likely happening to people all over the country, if not the world. Therefore his dream is to help others see the opportunities right in front of them. This idea led to the creation of Legendary Marketer, a company specifically designed to uplight entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Sharpe’s story is not a mystery as he is more than willing to talk about it. His words and advice have made their way to many people. In 2017 he was featured in a Forbes article written by R.L. Adams. The article accurately describes Sharpe as genuine and sincere, with a story that many readers can relate to. All of which is true – and is one of the reasons Dave Sharpe has shared his story so freely with others. 

Dave Sharpe and the entire team at Legendary Marketer are here to help you learn the critical marketing, business, and even personal skills you need to grow and flourish with confidence while operating in a highly competitive online marketplace. 

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